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August 20, 2008


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i saw this post on craftster and had to check out your blog to read more :) i absolutely adore what you've done with the dresser, it's so chic and classy!


I just discovered your blog via Design Sponge and I'm so glad I did! I *LOVE* the creative things you do with furniture! It's so inspiring! I'm totally linking to your project and I'm adding you so I don't miss a thing!


Great job redo. Looks wonderful now.


I just saw your project on Design Sponge ~ Absolutely Fabulous!


I love this -- you're so creative! How did you get the little squares that surround the crystals? Can you buy them? It doesn't look like you cut four pieces of molding, but maybe you did?


Thank you everyone, you're too kind.

To answer your question Hayworth, I did cut the little squares. I bought a square dowel and just sliced it. I had to slice exactly 20 pieces, it was a pain.


omg that is amazing. I love it!


I need these for my new condo. Where can I get two?

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What an awesome fajita inspired recipe!!! I wonder if my hubby would fall for this one. Looks fantastic to me!! I may need to grab that mag and try this! :)

Caitlin Alexander

This is so cute! The only moulding I can find is huge, where did you get yours?

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