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January 06, 2009


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Oh my gosh I love that so much. That is brilliant.


Thank you so much Christy!!

Anna @ D16

I came here from D*S, and I've just gotta say -- that is so rad. I'm totally knocked out, you are a genius!

Kim Wike

This is amazing. Great vision. I would have never thought to turn that ugly thing into something so cool. Where did you get the new legs?


Where did you get the new legs?


This is fantastic!!


I think this is just great what you've done!


that's a gorgeous rehab.. i'm in love with it!!

definitely great ideas running through my head.. thanks!


super cute! I love it!


such a cool idea! makes me wonder if i can do something similar with my hideous ottoman :)


Hi guys, thank you all so very much for the comments!

I purchased the legs at Ace Hardware. They were about 4 or 5 dollars a piece and came in different lengths. These were the 8". They also sell these legs at Home Depot and Lowes, only their legs were shorter.


Love it!
My comment on design*sponge:

Fantastic! My tastes are usually pretty modern and this fits the bill. I'm quite impressed with the outside-the-box thinking--heck, whoever said you have to put more fabric back on when you take the old stuff off?


This is is brilliant, I love how it turned out, great job and thanks for sharing! Really inspirational!


I too came from d*s, and I love your innovation, waste not want not, right!

it's a truly striking piece! and thanks for the tip about where to find good legs . . .


Thomas Wold

Hi Debbie,

Thanks for the mention.

Excellent project!




Olga I love you, this is amazing! You never give yourself enough credit. I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the after pic!!!


THis is the coolest Before/After Ive seen in a long time! Fantastic. I am going to post a link to your blog on mine...


Really great!! Can`t believe all the creativity you had to have had to come up with the look of that...spectacular :)


Very clever! I imagine it's a bit like dissecting a frog in HS. The first cut is the hardest - the rest is an adventure.


You are too ingenious. Love it


that's one of the best before and after's i've seen in a long time. I especially love the stenciling.

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Oh you are an enabler. I pointed these out to DH and he said that Hanukkah isn't that far, Maybe if I waited they might show up. I can wait. Maybe.
Ooooo! Thanks! I have been looking for just this thing!! I am going to order right now!!! Bye!


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