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September 09, 2008


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Kelly | Purple Lemon Designs

I love the "button" elements! I am really into dotted lines in graphic art right now, and I love to see that interpreted into "real life." Great job!


LORDY! I asked and you delivered!

I love this - its so original - and that's not "ode for anything - I would totally put this in my house!

Great Makeover!


"ode = code


Thank you ;)

I was really unsure about this one, but I definitely will be using the "buttons" on future projects.


This looks fantastic, as I'm working on my own apt (just moved) these are so inspirational. Not to mention we share the same first name -- the table looks lovely.

emperors new clothes

i'm sorry ...but i would stick to your intuition about not quite knowing whether you like it or not...It is truly a tragic end to a simple and classic table.


Another Olga, how cool. I looked over your blog and loved it, but it looks like you haven't posted in a while.

Thanks for the kind words Radish, keep in touch!


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